Adam Reetz Retti Spoon


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Adam Reetz Retti Spoon

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Adam Reetz started blowing glass in early 2009. He had become frustrated with the lack of creative freedom he felt at the Fine Arts program at the University of Kansas. Adam became freinds with Dominic Orona, aka Domino Glass, who was the first person to get him on a torch. Dominic showed him basic techniques and got Adam started in flamework. Not too long after this Dominic moved to California to pursure his glass career. Adam started saving his money to get his own flameworking bench set up. In the meantime he studied styles in glass and found two dimensional geometric patterns drew his interest more than anything. Scott Deppe was a huge inspiration in that area of style for Adam, so he saved up his money and traveled to Colorado to take two classes from Scott himself at Glasscraft. This is where the foundation of Adam’s filla work skills were born that he uses to this day. Fillacello and Retticello are primary parts of Adam’s style to this day along with reverals.

Later Adam was able to start working with Cowboy Glass, who was already a top glass artist. He credits Cowboy for teaching him a more critical eye on his work to look at the detail, symmetry, and overall elegance of a piece. Cowboy taught Adam an array of skills and techniques that took the overall refinement of Adam’s work to another level. After working with Cowboy for years Adam set up his home studio and started to carve out a niche in the industry for his art. We’re excited to add his work to our gallery!

This is a rainbow retti spoon by Adam Reetz. Beautiful colors shimmer in the reticello patterns. Two clear marbles add to the hold and magnify the work underneath. Two retti horns run down the side and they look amazing. The bowl and carb are fully worked, as is the disc mouthpiece. Generous size to the bowl with a 5mm hole. Beautiful glass art by Adam Reetz!

1.75 inches tall, 2.8 inches wide with horn and carb, 3.9 inches long. A truly amazing spoon with a rainbow of color! Fantastic work by Adam.

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