Avalon Glass Spaced Out CFL Sherlock


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Avalon Glass Spaced Out CFL Sherlock

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Sam Avalon’s path to being a glassblower started with him being from southern Oregon, where glassblowing got started. So glassblowing and glass art were around him. He got his first actual interest in glass art from Bob Snodgrass, the way many glass artists did. Bob is the father of boro art. Sam bought a Tophat from Bob at a fair in Ruch, Oregon in 1992. Meeting Bob and having a Tophat gave Sam the lampwork bug. Sam was heavy in to snowboarding for years, and glass was in the back of his mind. He was snowboarding in Tahoe with some friends, two of whom were Darby Holms and Carsten Carlile. As everyone knows, Darby and Carsten went back to Eugene to eventually start up Toadstool.

After snowboarding Sam moved back to southern Oregon, and started the serious pursuit of glassblowing in 1996. Having friends like Darby and Carsten helped him bring his skills up. He’s been working on his glassblowing skills since, and his years on the torch show in his work. Glassblowing runs in Sam’s family because his niece is LaceFace Glass, and his nephew is Josh St George. Both established glass artists in their own right. Sam lives in the Bend area of OR where he continues to refine his lampwork.

This is a CFL Spaced Out galaxy tech Sherlock by Sam Avalon. An opal marble, a fantastic galaxy cab disc, and a milli marble with a crescent moon and stars look great. The shaping on this is exceptionally clean. Trautman’s CFL Parallax is the bowl and maria in the stem. Schott Space Tech is pulled over Galaxy tubing, then another layer of clear Schott encases again. It’s an amazing space look to this. Parallax is a smoky grey in normal light, and shifts violet/purple under UV light. Blue Slyme lip wraps add subtle color accents. Absolutely amazing galaxy tech Sherlock by Avalon Glass!

5 inches long, 2.5 inches wide including disc and opal marble, and 3.5 inches tall. This pipe leans to the small side of medium. It has a nice, substantial feel in the hand with the multiple layers of boro. The ergonomics are fantastic. Large carb for easy control of your pull. Beautiful heady glass art from Sam Avalon of Avalon Glass!

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × 3.5 in


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