Beetleseuss Glass Psychedelic Hammer


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Beetleseuss Glass Psychedelic Hammer

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Beetleseuss Glass, or Ty Ault, started learning lampwork in 2000 at Cornbread Studios in San Diego, CA. Ty’s primary mentor was Chris Dawson from the Corvalis, Oregon school of heady glass. Arty, Ryno, Marek Rudak, and Mike Fro were some of the artists in the studio. After bringing his skillset up in San Diego Ty moved to the Big Island of HI for years. There he worked with Jesse Taj, loved the island life, and set up a studio on HI where he and Jesse blew glass. After four years or so Ty moved to Austin, Texas and  took classes from and studied with Scott Deppe. After working on his skillset in Texas, in 2012 Ty moved back to San Diego. He started Beetleseuss Glass, and set up a new studio to work in. He was thrilled to have his original glassblowing mentor Chris Dawson soon come to join him in his San Diego studio, where they work together to this day.

This is a Psychedelic Hammer by Beetleseuss Glass. Ty estimates there are 50 to 60 colors in this, many of them custom blended. There is so much color, so many sections of different reversals, this is a rainbow colored ‘kitchen sink’ hammer. Just about everything is in there. So much vibrant color looks fantastic! The colors in the stem swirl in a spiral down to the mouthpiece and they look great. Colorful work from Ty Ault of Beetleseuss Glass!

5.5 inches in length, 2 inches wide, and 2.8 inches tall. This is a medium-sized hammer. A large carb gives great control of your pull. Something new to see from any angle. Nice array of marbles and some light UV reactive accents add to the piece. We’re excited to add Ty’s work to our gallery!


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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 2 × 2.8 in


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