Bob Badtram Heady Round Bong


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Bob Badtram Heady Round Bong

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Bob Badtram started as an apprentice of Bob Snodgrass in 1994. He met Bob in ’93 as a result of his neighbor – Cameron Tower – started working with Bob as an apprentice and introduced them. Badtram became an apprentice in the Snodgrass school. Both Cameron Tower and Bob Badtram and now nationally known artists in their own right. Bob Badtram has been a glass artist since the earliest days of boro glass art, in fact he was featured in Slinger’s recent ‘True OGs’ show to feature old school artists who had influenced glass art in whole. Bob continues to live and blow glass in Eugene, OR. He frequently hangs at the Snodgrass compound blowing glass with Bob Snodgrass.

We’re excited to add Bob Badtram to our gallery, and this first piece is nothing short of amazing! An 7 inch round bottom bong tube that is worked top to bottom. A blue base that has so much fuming and heady work over it. There’s an amazing marble disc on the back with a fumed Deadhead skull in the Snodgrass style. The stem is a 10mm with a 3 hole diffy. So many colors in this, than change depending on the light. The round bottom swirl almost looks like Jupiter. Amazing glass art from the legendary Bob Badtram out of Eugene, OR!

This is 7 inches high, 3 inches deep including the stem, and 2.5 inches wide. A perfect piece for dabbing, or a 3 hole bubbler for flower. Beautiful heady glass art from Badtram.

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Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 7 in


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