Bob Snodgrass Marble Tophat Chillum


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Bob Snodgrass Marble Tophat Chillum

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There is a documentary called ‘Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes’ that actually covers the history and relevance of Bob Snodgrass and his art, how it was first sold at Grateful Dead shows in the parking lot and helped grow borosilicate glass art. Bob invented fuming glass with precious metals. There are in fact many things Bob was first at, and many more he played a role in. A genuine Snodgrass is as much a piece of history as it is a piece of glass art.

This is an amazing Tophat chillum by Bob Snodgrass. Dated by Bob with a “2019” in the mouthpiece. The face is exceptional on the Deadhead, and there are musical notes and mushrooms growing up the sides. Beautiful fuming is more silver blue towards the mouthpiece and more gold yellow at the Tophat. The mouthpiece tends pink from the “2019” in thick gold fume. Some really cool details here like a hidden alien face in the Tophat face, and at least two more hidden alien faces elsewhere on the piece. The marble is a fantastic small Snodgrass skull mille marble.

The sculpted musical notes and mushrooms make this an easy piece to hold. As always, there will be details in the fuming that only show up during the color change with use, and we’re suspicious Bob hid an “S” on this one. We haven’t spotted it yet, but he hides stuff like that. Sometimes only the color change will reveal things. That will be interesting to discover if we’re right.  5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches high. Amazing glass art from Bob Snodgrass!

The details are many on a piece like this by Bob, and if you are lucky enough to get this piece we encourage you to get in touch with Bob and the @SnodgrassGlass_Official account on Instagram and ask them about your Snodgrass if you have questions. We found the “S”, it’s there.

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