Bob Snodgrass UV Reactive Signed Collab Tophat Hammer


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Bob Snodgrass UV Reactive Signed Collab Tophat Hammer

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There is a documentary called ‘Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes’. It actually covers the history and relevance of Bob and his art. How his hand spun pipes and Tophats were first sold at Grateful Dead shows in the parking lot. How Bob helped grow borosilicate glass art from its earliest days. Bob invented fuming borosilicate glass with precious metals, in fact there are a lot of firsts with Bob with regards to the whole of glass art. Bob is often asked to do collaborations by the best known artists in the industry, as he is looked at as the father of modern glass art. A genuine Snodgrass is as much a piece of history as it is a piece of glass art.

This is an amazing large hammer made by Bob. Sections of the stem were prepped by Ginny Snodgrass in addition to Jonathon Gietl. This piece was made for charity. A friend of the Snodgrass family needs stem cell treatment and the proceeds of this piece went directly to help! We were glad to have the chance to play a small part in a good cause.

The face quality on the Deadhead is top notch here. With such a large face that really makes this a special Bob piece by itself. The Tophat is speckled with stars that descend into the bowl and are a fantastic detail. Bob autographed this piece in Illuminati with a full “Snodgrass” wrapped around the base of the Tophat face. The main section of the stem is a beautiful UV reactive skull face pull by Ginny. Decorated with her traditional deep blue dots and her fantastic swirling heady fuming. Ginny’s sense of how to set a piece off with a little bit of UV glass is first rate. The mouthpiece section is gem-like fuming by Jonathon. Themed around dots as is his style, he put two very clean skull faces in the fuming on either side of the stem that are fantastic. They will no doubt stand out more with the color change. A large piece like this will have many details. Discovering hidden features on a Bob Snodgrass piece is where the good stuff is!

A large and unique work of art by the father of borosilicate glass art. A premiere piece in any collection. 10.5 inches long, the face is 4.5 inches high, and about 2.0 inches wide including the carb – so this is a large Bob piece. This will come in Pelican 1400. A unique and amazing Snodgrass piece! As always if you have any questions about your Snodgrass, you can ask us or reach out directly to the @SnodgrassGlass_Official account on Instagram.

I will get some UV shots up soon!

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