Brad Tenner Fumed Tall Skull Hammer


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Brad Tenner Fumed Tall Skull Hammer

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Brad Tenner, or “BT” of BT Glass, met Bob Snodgrass in the parking lot of the Sacramento Cal Expo Grateful Dead shows in 8/4 – 8/6 of 1989. They discussed glass pipes and what was going on at the time. Bob showed Brad some things he was working on. They met up again in the parking lot of a Dead show in 1991. This is the meeting that led to Brad being one of Bob Snodgrass’s and Bob Snodgrass III’s early students. Brad went on to work on and go on tours with the Dead, and learn to blow glass with Bob Snodgrass and his family.

Brad comes from the Snodgrass school so fuming is king. It’s OG fume work by Brad that played a role in building this industry. In fact Brad was asked by Slinger to be in his “True OG’s” show recently. That show was put together to celebrate the artists who have helped shaped the industry from boro’s earliest days in the 90’s. Brad now lives in Eugene OR and is at the Snodgrass compound blowing glass daily.

This is a Tall Skull Hammer by BT. Beautiful fuming that’s heavy on the silver here so it tends towards blue in hues. It shimmers with various hues of color across the piece in the sun. There are two large skull faces on this. One is on the can, the other is on the stem. Both are fantastic! The tall can looks radical on this piece, but you won’t believe how the shaping is amazingly comfortable in the hand. This is an easy piece to handle and operating the large carb is a breeze. Such a cool piece.

It’s 5.5 inches long, 4 inches high, and 2 inches wide including the large carb. Really comfortable in the hand and the carb is a pleasure to work. This is a signed piece with “BT” in fuming on the bottom of the can. The color change with use will be interesting on this as fuming colors will become more intense with use. Beautiful work from Brad Tenner of BT Glass!

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