Davin Titland Brain Cannon Fab Hole Bong


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Davin Titland Brain Cannon Fab Hole Bong

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Davin Titland started blowing glass in 2004 in Bellingham, WA. He was eager to get on the torch, so he actually drove 40 minutes into the mountains to make simple items on a lathe, for free. It cost him money to blow glass for a year, but he was blowing glass and learning. Later he was paid five dollars an hour to do lathe work, and he did this for around 2 more years. He saved his money.

Davin and his best friend Jake C finally bought a torch together, and they started learning glass blowing by sharing that torch day and night. A couple of years after this, Jake C and Scott Deppe formed Mothership Glass. Davin was their first employee, and is still there with Mothership today. Davin also has his own studio at home and makes his own glass on his own time. He says this gives him a creative place and outlet after work at Motherhip is done. We’re excited to add his work to our gallery!

This is a Brain Cannon bong with colors accents in white. Davin is well known for his amazing fab hole work with adventurous approaches and exceptionally clean lines, and this bong exemplifies that reputation. The stem is fixed and braced to an inline perc with 6 slots for stacking. The blending splash of bubbles through a fab is really high function in a bong. The custom 14mm bowl is included. Clean work by Davin Titland!

This bong is 18.8 inches tall, with a 5 inch base. The base is thick for a nice, stable feel. The base also has an outer lip on the bottom for the piece to rest on, which is a nice touch. It elevates the base and will help to prevent the center base window from scratching. The angled fab holes look fantastic. Amazing bong from Bellingham, WA!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 18.8 in

14mm Female