Dillinger Glass UV Reactive Spoon


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Dillinger Glass UV Reactive Spoon

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Raised in Long Beach, CA, John Dillinger moved to Portland, OR, in 1997 at the age of 19. By coincidence his roommate was Paisley, a glass artist. This started his exposure to glass art and the torch. Paisley showed him some basic techniques over time and exposed him to glass. In 1999 Dillinger moved in with Ukiah, another glass artist. Dillinger began using glass scraps and working on the torch in Ukiah’s downtime. This is when he got the bug to be a glass artist and became obsessed with glass. He started hanging out at head shops and galleries, trying to figure out how pieces were made, and buying and selling glass to fund his hobby. In 2000 he became a full time glass artist, and continued his self-taught education on the torch. Dillinger advanced quickly and was able to make a living.

He credits his primary creative inspiration as Darby Holms. Dillinger had a friend who was a Darby collector. Via his friend he got to see Darby pieces close up and get sense of heady glass early on. Also via his friend Dillinger met Darby Holms in his first year of glassblowing. It was Darby who showed John the new GTT torch Holms had just gotten one of the first examples of. Dillinger got his GTT Delta Elite torch in 2001 and has it to this day. He has been expanding his skill set on the torch now for 22 years, and appreciates all the collectors who make it possible for him to be an artist. We are excited to have his work in our gallery!

A beautiful UV reactive spoon by Dillinger Glass. The chaos style has a lot going on all over the pipe. There are milli, cane, thumbprint stack, and fuming touches on this you’ll spend time looking at all over. The worked in UV reaction is insane! This piece is beautiful in any light. A rainbow horn really grabs the eye and it’s worked with UV reaction. The carb is worked with a black and white retti ribbon and UV reaction. The bowl is fully worked too. Amazing spoon by Dillinger!

4.5 inches long, 1.5 inches high, and 2.4 inches wide including carb and horn make this a medium spoon that leans small. So much and detail on this! Light and comfortable in the hand. Beautiful glass art from The Real Dillinger!

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