E-stex Glass Faceted Black Cherry Dichro Hammer


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E-stex Glass Faceted Black Cherry Dichro Hammer

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E-stex Glass, or Eric Stecker, started working in soft glass in 1997 in Illinois. After a couple of years working in the dynamic world of soft glass he became interested in boro. In 1999 he came to our home state of WA to start leaning lampwork. He was always inspired by the work of Bob Snodgrass(the father of glass art), and started ramping up his skills in boro.

As he developed his style he was influenced by the work of Jason Lee and his colorful reverals and wag work. Eric also liked the style of Banjo with his heady colors and faceting. Starting in 2002 Eric centered in on colorful reversal work as his style. He concentrates on a ‘seamless’ approach that allows him to scale his pieces up a bit in size. He works out of CO now and you’ll continue to see a lot of faceting in his work, and insane colors and switch work.

This is a Black Cherry dichro hammer with a facteted bowl and amazing reversals. The base of the can and the bowl are deep blue Cobalt glass. Black Cherry dichro is worked into reversals in the Gold Amethyst glass. A beautiful purple color with a lot of dichro sparkle on this. The facets on the deep blue Cobalt bowl are a nice touch and really define the piece. The white outlines in the wag work look fantastic and add definition.

At 7 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 3.25 inches high, this is a longer hammer. A comfortable one-hand hold has the stem ‘rise up’ to your mouth like an old school pipe. A longer piece makes for a cooler draw on dry flower pieces. A large carb for control of the pull. Insanely colorful work from E-stex Glass!

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 3.25 in