Erik Anderson Disc Recycler


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There is a distinguished, regal look to clear, sand carved glass. This piece is built around that theme. This disc recycler design is Erik’s own creation, so you won’t see them elsewhere(at least for now). He uses two in-line discs for the recycler instead of the more usual cylinder and funnel systems. He then tucks the tube work into a vertical alignment instead of the usual ‘side car’ tube path. As a design it has a slightly ‘faster’ recycling action for an easy pull. Overall it’s an upright disc recycler that is sand carved over every square inch of the surface. The blasting motif makes clear ‘viewing windows’ in the glass that enhance the water show going on inside when the piece is used. The down stem has custom percolators to direct the water flow and enhance the recycling action. The outer rim of the base is slightly accented with light green glass as a highlight. It’s so subtle as to go unnoticed until looked at in bright light, but adds a very slight touch of color to an otherwise clear recycler. A unique and amazing work from Erik Anderson.

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