Erik Anderson Sea Turtle Pendant


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Erik Anderson Turtle Pendant

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Until now, the only place you could purchase these was at certain shops in Hawaii. Erik lived on HI, and has been making these popular pendants for years.¬†Hawaiian themes are found throughout Erik’s work – island, beach, sea, etc. These pendants are an example of the recurring sea turtle that Erik revisits on many of his pieces. The hand made turtle is fumed and formed, and then a dichroic glass layer is placed under a shell of clear glass, which acts as a light well and makes the dichroic glass come alive. These pendants are made to hang in different way, vertically aligned, offset leaning to the left, or offset leaning to the right. We make sure to show a picture of each pendant hanging free on the chain, and the back of the turtle, so you can choose the way you’d like the pendant to hang.

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