Evan Cals Small Peace Pipe Steamroller


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Evan Cals Small Peace Pipe Steamroller

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Evan Cals, or Ecalsarts, started working in the flame in the Winter of 2014-2015. It was his senior year of high school at a school focused on the arts in New Hampshire. He had been exploring various creative forms like sculpture and 3D art for years while attending the art school. When he got on the torch he was hooked, and had found his medium. He was able to get an apprenticeship with Rob Dworkin and study glass in the flame for around a year before Evan set up his own studio for glass art. Like many glass artists, Evan found that fuming drew his interest the most. Working with clear boro and precious metals means the kaleidoscope of patterns and colors in fuming comes from a ‘bare bones’ approach, yet has endless possibilities. He continues to evolve his style and skill on the torch today in NH.

This is a beautifully fumed Peace Pipe steamroller by Evan Cals. Great implosion marble on this. The weld as the carb at the end is a nice touch. The soft ruby gold tone is highlighted by fuming tones throughout. The fuming is more pronounced depending on the light. The large marble works as a kickstand so it’s stable on a flat surface. Glass screen is already in the bowl. Beautiful work by Evan Cals!

At 4.75 inches long, 1.9 inches wide with marble included, and 2.1 inches tall this is a small steamroller. The marble rests in my left palm making it east for one hand operation of the carb. Evan uses welds that are made to look like the old washers on brass pipes back in the old days. Remember, the oxygen blast of a steamroller tends to cause headrushes. Best to sit down when you roll. Beautiful fume work out of New Hampshire!

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