Fluid Glass Green Slyme Small Headbanger Bong


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Fluid Glass Green Slyme Small Headbanger Bong

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We’re excited to add Fluid Glass – American glass made in the PNW right here in Washington – to our gallery.  This is the Small Headbanger bong with their coral perc, and it stacks bubbles like mad in an easy-sized bong at ~13 inches overall height, and a 1.5 inch tube diameter. Light and easy to handle with amazing function! If you add ice, or even better crushed or shaved ice to the top, your draw is surprsingly smooth and cool.  The function is fantastic and symmetrical with the centered fixed downstem. It’s great function and a great looking rig too with Green Slyme accents on the flower bowl and the coral perc.  The flower bowl has a pinch screen built in which makes for easy use. High quality American glass at a fantastic price. Quality work from Fluid Glass!

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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 13 in

14mm Female