Gasp Bubbler Collab Cameron Tower


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Gasp Bubbler Collab Cameron Tower

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Brian McCauley, aka gasp, discovered glass flameworking in 1998. Inspired by the autonomy and creativity of the pipe making scene he spent the next 5 years engrossed in glass. Part of the 2nd wave of pipemakers, his style pushed the boundaries of shaping and patterning, incorporating the influence of San Francisco’s urban culture and street art. Later that year, gasp relocated to Portland, OR, where he began to explore more classic forms. gasp uses a variety of techniques to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. From subtle layering of gold and silver fume, to heavily saturated colored glass and vibrant transparents, the color and pattern create a body of work that maximizes light play within the glass. You can see more of his work on his Instagram at

Cameron Tower is one of the earliest apprentices of Bob Snodgrass. He played a role in too many firsts in borosilicate glass art to list. To list a couple of notable firsts – Cam invented the hammer bubbler with Bob, and he later invented the modern bong. He was there at the birth of modern glass art and played a role in most of the firsts that came out of Eugene. His ‘splash of color’ style is recognizable at a glance, and he makes all the classic styles of fumed pipes and water pipes. Cameron was also the neighbor of Bob Badtram, and he introduced Badtram to Bob Snodgrass – a historic meeting. You can find more of his work on his Instagram at @c_tower_studios

This is an amazing upright bubbler collab by Gasp and Cameron Tower. A one of a kind bubbler that will be a star in any collection! Cameron’s splash of color technique is so heady with cells of colors. It’s like a stained glass window out of the 60’s and it’s fantastic.  That colorful heady look contrasts well against the fuming of Gasp throughout the piece. The stem dives deep into the large can. Gasp worked it with a 3 hole diffy just above the end for 4 way percolation. This takes the ‘bouncy’ or chugging resistance of a stem pull, and turns it into the consistent and easier pull of a shred. Gasps’s fuming is amazing here. The spiraling colors swirl down the neck from the Amber Purple mouthpiece. Amber Purple is worked throughout the piece and it has an array of yellow, violet, and purple hues on display here.

There are three large marbles on the can. Two are cane swirls, and one is a fuming implosion flower. They really set the piece off. The bowl has an over-sized hole that will take most any glass jack or ceramic screen style you prefer. The large carb allows for fast clearing, or can be partially used for all manner of control over your pull. The carb faces back for easy access and looks great in Amber Purple. 4 inches long, 3.5 inches wide with marble and carb included, and 9 inches high. Beautiful work from Gasp and Cameron Tower!

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