Hermit Glass Full Thumbprint Hammer


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Hermit Glass Full Thumbprint Hammer

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Hermit got started on the torch in 1998 in San Diego. He had always been drawn to glass work, since first seeing artists work the torch at Disney Land as a child. He started his lampwork journey in ’98 at a company called Glass Distractions. Around a year later he moved up north to start learning from Arik Krunk, who influenced Hermit’s chaos style in a big way. This includes Arik showing him the thumbprint stack, which is a staple of the Hermit style today. Hermit continued taking classes to build his skill set, from artists like Casare Tofollo, Nancy Hagel, John Kobubki, Josh Sable, and others.

After the absurdity of Pipe Dreams in 2003 he took a teaching job at the University of San Diego at La Jolla. He returned to lampwork later and has established himself as a glass artist with his colorful chaos style. We’re excited to add Hermit Glass work to our little gallery!

This is a full thumbprint hammer by Hermit Glass. Sections of pure thumbprint take a lot more work, but they look amazing! The thumbprint stacks contain so many different colors. The carb is pulled through a blue thumbprint so it has a beautiful blended blue color. Colorful cane decorates the can base and mouthpiece. The bowl is fully worked with silver honeycomb too. 5 clear marbles assist the hold and lens color, and a milli marble decorates the can. Beautiful hammer by Hermit Glass!

4.5 inches long, 2 inches wide with marble and carb, and 2.5 inches tall, this is a medium hammer that leans small. Perfect size heady glass to carry along anywhere, and so much color! Colorful full thumbprint by Hermit Glass!


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Dimensions 4.5 × 2 × 2.5 in