Hugh Glass Fumed Small Sidecar Steamroller


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Hugh Glass Fumed Small Sidecar Steamroller

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Hugh Salkind is the first apprentice to Bob Snodgrass. Hugh met Bob at a Grateful Dead show somewhere in the Midwest in 1988. Hugh immediately liked Bob’s glass and started selling it himself. Around two years later it was Hugh that lured Bob to Eugene, Oregon with promises of the best weed. Eugene’s superior weed convinced Bob to set up shop in Oregon and finally come off the road.

Hugh started learning glass blowing himself with Bob in 1990. Hugh and Bob both got busy building the borosilicate glass industry we know today. Hugh was there through everything. So much art and all the artists that came out of Eugene. This includes all of Bob’s later glassblowing apprentices. Blowing glass since 1990, Hugh helped develop fuming itself from the earliest days, and also played a role in too many other firsts in glass art to list. We’re excited to have his OG fume work in our gallery!

This is a small fumed sidecar steamroller by Hugh Glass. The red and black wag marble sets an interesting tome. Different fuming approaches and colors are fantastic as always from the Snodgrass school. Dot box and several fumicello approaches play well off each other here. The color change on this will be amazing. The fumed flower on the base of the can looks amazing with subtle color. A steamroller gives you the ultimate control over your draw. This piece is small enough to be an easy heady piece to take along on a hike or camping.

A signed piece with “Hugh Glass” in green, and the date it was made is fumed into the glass. The rim of the bowl is a nice retticello ribbon. The blast of oxygen with a steamroller tends to cause headrushes, so it’s best to sit down when you roll. 4.5 inches long, 2.6 inches wide, and 2 inches tall make this a small piece. The can is on the left for primarily left handed use. Beautiful heady glass by Hugh Glass out of Eugene, OR!

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Dimensions 4.5 × 2.6 × 2 in