HVY Glass Large Bent Neck Heady Bong


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HVY Glass Large Bent Neck Heady Bong

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An amazing bong by HVY Glass. A large bent neck bong with fantastic heady details all over it! Heavy fuming from top to bottom, and sculpted boro drawing too.  The mouthpiece is yellow, black, red, and fumed boro drawing and it looks amazing. There’s a dual retti border to the mouthpiece. An indent is just above the bend so it’s easy to top off with ice. The bend is covered in coil fuming and the round base is blue/yellow with heavy silver and gold fuming. The inverse stem is amazing, long, and is not just for looks. It’s all about function as it makes handling and use so much easier as the piece ‘leans back’ as you pull. The huge water reservoir makes for pure function, and if you top it off with crushed ice your pull is like a cool, arctic breeze. The bend saves on height so it’s only 16.5 inches tall for a large piece. There’s a deep red flower with retti border on the base bottom too. Comes with an oversized flower bowl with matching black accents. Beautiful work from HVY Glass!

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Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6.5 × 16.5 in

14mm Female