HVY Glass Large Heady Beaker Dome Perc Bong


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HVY Glass Large Heady Beaker Dome Perc Bong

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If you like insane function in your bong this one has you covered! A large beaker by HVY Glass with fuming and boro drawing all over, and a dome perc in the stem that gives insane function on the pull. You come out of the large dome perc into a small ‘cap’ perc which basically says ‘the splashing stops here’ and only lets your pull through with no splashing water, which is great for keeping the ice chamber up top relatively dry. If you top this piece off with crushed or snowcone ice your pull is so cool and smooth it’s amazing. There’s heady boro drawing in green, blue, and heavily fumed clear glass around the mouth piece with a dual retti border. The beaker base is covered in boro drawing in white and blue with swirls and twists of color. There is a blue boro flower on the base bottom too. Comes with an oversized flower bowl with matching blue accents. At 17.5 inches tall this is a true large size, but it weighs in just under 2 pounds so it’s not a cumbersome piece to handle and with all the percolation it shreds bubbles like mad. Beautiful work from HVY Glass!

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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 17.5 in

14mm Female