Jim O’Shea Fumed Peace Pipe Steamroller


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Jim O’Shea Fumed Peace Pipe Steamroller

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Jim O’Shea got on the torch in Illinois in 2012 at the age of 19. He had been fascinated by glass art since he saw a glassblowing demo at a renaissance fair when he was young. His friends showing him their new borosilicate pipes is what got Jim on the torch. He saw the details in the fuming, and in particular the intricate details in marbles, and he wanted to try his hand. Jim’s natural affinity for detail work is apparent in his art. His micro millies are often Space Time grids being warped and spun and they are amazing. The details are where it’s at on Jim’s art.

Jim’s style is fairly unique because he is self taught. He bought ‘Contemporary Lampworking’ by Bandhu Dunham, and got busy reading. He also found TalkGlass, like many glass artists did at one time, and starting extensively reading there trying to learn his way into being a glassblower. Eventually Jim found he liked fuming precious metals on clear boro more than working with various colors. Fuming provided unlimited color for him to work with. This type of individual artist development often leads to a unique style, and that true of Jim’s work. His work is identifiable at a glance. We’re excited to add stunning art like this to our little gallery!

Fantastic Peace Pipe steamroller by Jim O’Shea. As always the fuming and millies on this piece are amazing, but this has a green/blue tone that is crazy. The Galaxy look with that amazing fume tone is really something. There are two fume micro millies on the bowl, and four on the can. The kickstand marble is outstanding here, it has an electric look to the fume. The violet and yellow tones in the stem are fantastic!

At 5 inches long, 2.1 inches tall, and 1.3 inches wide including marble, this is a small piece. Easy to hold and handle, and nice beefy feel to the boro. The oxygen blast can cause headrushes, so it’s best to sit down when you roll. Stunning glass from Jim O’Shea!


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