Jonathan Gietl UV Reactive Tophat Chillum


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Jonathan Gietl UV Reactive Tophat Chillum

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There is a documentary called ‘Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes’ that actually covers the history and relevance of Bob Snodgrass and his art. How it was first sold at Grateful Dead shows in the parking lot and helped grow borosilicate glass art. How Bob invented fuming boro with precious metals. It’s a long list of firsts. The Snodgrass family is a family of glass artists who all came up under Bob’s teaching, and they have glass art in their DNA. They live in a compound in Eugene, Oregon where they all blow glass together. Bob’s family creates beautiful glass in the Snodgrass style. We’re excited to have these pieces in our gallery!

This is a small UV reactive Tophat chillum by Jonathan Gietl. The Deadhead face is UV enhanced. There’s also a small alien on the back, and his eyes are Illuminati and pop in UV light too. The fuming on this creates an array of hues depending on the nature of the light. While this has a small ‘onesie’ bowl in it as the Tophat, we tried a regular sized RAW cone in the other end and this works as a tip too. Also, because of the Tophat shape at the top, this could easily be made into a pendant that would be easy to wear and look amazing. 2 inches tall, and .75 inches at the widest. A unique and interesting Tophat chillum in any light! Beautiful work from Jonathan Gietl of the Snodgrass crew!


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