Jonathan Paul Bennett Trilobite Cluster Tube


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Jonathan Paul Bennett Trilobite Cluster Tube

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The Trilobite Cluster tube by Jonathan Paul Bennett. Made from beautiful Pomegranate by Northstar Glass, this is a thick, substantial tube in the hand.  The sand carving is so clean is startling, and the work is both deep and subtle all over the tube.  Jonathan is an artist who specialize in paleontological subjects so this is a theme common in his work. The custom stem is 10mm for flavor, with a 2 hole differential perc. We’re excited to have this in our gallery! Fantastic work from Jonathan Paul Bennett. This comes shipped in a Pelican 1400.

The excellent pro photography here is by Windhome. @Windhome

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3 × 9 in

10mm Female


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