KZA Glass Fumed Chillum


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KZA Glass Fumed Chillum

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KZA Glass started working with glass in Chicago during his high school years in the early 2000’s. He was interested in several approaches to art as a medium, but kept returning to glass. The relationship people had with their boro glass piece really got his interest. Like many glass artists outside of the Pacific NW, KZA is self taught. There aren’t glassblowing schools available in many parts of the US, or easy access to classes by working artists. He started working with color in boro and learning techniques he read about on GlassPipes, the old Org website for boro artists. Studying there with trial and error on the bench helped him develop his own style on his own terms.

Eventually he moved away from working with the array of boro colors, and in to clear boro with fuming as his main focus. He found various boro colors tended to run in trends, but fuming always seemed to look good and was always desirable outside of trends. Fuming provides almost limitless variety too. He continues to work on his intense color fuming style today in the Midwest.

A beautiful chillum by KZA Glass. Silver fuming in blues and greens in the star here.  Rounded mouthpiece is a nice touch. The fume swirl around the bowl stem is amazing. The fumicello marble adds a subtle touch of gold fume. Nice deep bowl for a chillum. Amazing heady work by KZA Glass!

At 3.5 inches long this is a medium that leans small. 1 inch wide with marble, and .8 inches wide without marble. An easy piece to carry anywhere with stunning color. Beautiful work from KZA Glass!

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Dimensions 3.5 × 1 × .8 in