Liberty 503 Shipwreck Glass Collab Electroform Oil Rig


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Liberty 503 Shipwreck Glass Collab Electroform Oil Rig

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One of the coolest oil rigs we’ve ever seen is this collaboration between Liberty 503 and Shipwreck Glass. Liberty 503 and Shipwreck started with a small beaker design and transformed it into pure art. A traditional Rasta color theme, including dichroic glass, runs through each part.  The Rasta design swirls around the mouthpiece, accented with copper electroforming precisely placed by Shipwreck Glass. The process used on the background causes the copper to lose electrons to form a greenish-blue layer called patina. This blueish green of the background lets the copper accents really pop while giving the glass windows an open view to a custom downstem that continues the dichroic Rasta theme.  From the shroud to the mouthpiece, the intricate detail in copper, glass, and overall form make this the prestige piece of a lifetime.  Our friends at Liberty 503 consider this to be one the best pieces to ever leave their shop.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3.5 × 7 in