Liquid Sand Studio CFL Floral Spoon


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Liquid Sand Studio CFL Floral Spoon

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A beautiful Sunset Slyme CFL reactive floral spoon by Martha Proctor of Liquid Sand Studio.  A translucent green in sunlight, the CFL Sunset Slyme glass by Northstar color changes to a rosy sienna under florescent light. Slyme rods have always been temperature sensitive. When worked in colder flame temps it’s more of a milky color, but when worked hot Slyme takes on a more translucent look. This means Martha worked this hot to get the clear green look. This is a great example of the colorful and lively approach she favors in this beautiful floral spoon. The Onyx and Mai Tai accents brings and intense array of violet and blue which look fantastic against the green. The flowers are spectacular on this, and the hand drawn floral spoon is one of Martha’s favorite designs.

You’ll notice the great ergonomics too as you hold it in your hand, it’s perfect in the hand. The carb is a larger size and really useful for control on the pull, you can tell there’s thought behind everything. At 5 inches overall length this is easy to handle, 2.5 inches wide and tall. A beautiful pipe from Liquid Sand Studio!


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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in