Liquid Sand Studio Phoenix Sherlock


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Liquid Sand Studio Phoenix Sherlock

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Martha Proctor of Liquid Sand Studio first met Bob Snodgrass(the father of pipemaking) on the Grateful Dead tours of the early 90’s. This got her first interest in boro started, as she was inspired by the ‘coolness’ of Bob and his fame in the Deadhead scene. Collecting his work was a status symbol among her friends. She later started selling boro on tours with the Dead and Phish in the 90’s. She was an art major in college, and developed a desire to make glass herself. Martha learned making beads in soft glass around 2003 with Nancy Tobey. Shortly after she learned boro beadmaking from Bandhu Dunham, continuing to broaden her skillset in glass.

For eight years she worked in selling beads in soft glass, boro, and making pendants of both. Martha wanted to start in to pipemaking, just like Bob – her inspiration. But she found she was unable to find someone to teach her borosilicate pipemaking as a mentor in her area of the US. So, in 2012 she started teaching herself pipemaking with online research and home study. By 2014 she had developed her own distinctive style of functional glass shaping and forming. She brought along the florals from her beads and pendants days as she loved the theme of flowers. Since then she’s been developing her skills and reputation with Liquid Sand Studio.

A beautiful Phoenix over Icy White Satin Sherlock by Martha Proctor of Liquid Sand Studio. The tones of color coming out of that blend are outstanding! Ruby reds with other more violet and blue colors get stronger in places throughout the pipe. Aquarius in the dots adds a pearly blue that looks great. Ruby red of Phoenix in the carb and mouthpiece. Beautiful Sherlock from Martha!

Held upright so it wouldn’t spill, this is 4.6 inches long, 2.25 inches wide, and 3.6 inches tall. A medium size. Heady glass art from Liquid Sand Studio!


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