M. I. O. Glass Brown Heady Tube Bong


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M. I. O. Glass Brown Heady Tube Bong

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M.I.O. Glass – Made In Oregon. The first thing you’ll notice is how thick, substantial, and durable these pieces are – this is 5mm tubing on this piece. This is a heady tube bong and it’s a great daily driver with fantastic function, and it will take a beating and last! This bong is touched up with gold and silver fuming, a brown mouthpiece, brown fume drawing, and an extra large base highlighted with brown at the edge. Nice heady touches on a solid piece that won’t break the bank. Great function from a perc’d stem, and the extra large base is nice and stable on this 13 inch piece. There are pinches in the neck in case you want to add ice to your pull, which really cools things down. It’s hard to beat MIO pieces for daily use, we often use a snow cone machine and pack them with snow all the way up. Because these are hand made, there are small variances in height. I listed the average height here so you know what to expect. Beautiful bongs made in America!

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Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 13 in

14mm Female