Matt 2000 Glass Fumed Cones Sidecar


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Matt 2000 Glass Fumed Cones Sidecar

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Matt started blowing glass in 2012. In his final year of college, he filled out credits by taking two semesters of soft glass classes. This time in the hot shop gave him the glass bug from day one. He was able to get his own boro torch and begin lampwork in late 2013. Matt discovered making pipes was within his budget as a hobby, and he began practicing and learning glassblowing on his own torch.

Like several of our artists with a unique style, Matt is mostly self taught. He scoured online glass forums for information, all the while studying the work of OG artists for inspiration. Through the years his style became his own, and we think it’s fantastic! He describes his style as staying true to the old school fume approaches, but bring his own self-taught tricks to make it unique. We’re excited to have Matt’s work in our gallery!

We’re really proud of this cones sidecar by Matt 2000 Glass. This is the first pipe we designed here at Columbia River Glass. We sent Matt a cellphone pic of a crude drawing of the design on a yellow legal pad. He took that drawing and nailed it in every way, getting every detail right and exceeding our expectations! It’s a unique design to a dry pipe, one like we’ve never seen. Basically the function of a sidecar hammer with inverted cones. Silver blue honeycomb dominates the can, and the mouthpiece stem is a rainbow fumicello swirl. Fume marble looks great. Outstanding fume work by Matt!

At 5.5 inches long, 2.75 inches wide with marble, and 1.5 inches tall this is a medium piece. A touch of Amber Purple in the carb and mouthpiece, with Yellow 9 braces between the cones. Fantastic design work by Matt 2000 Glass!

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Dimensions 5.5 × 2.75 × 1.5 in