Rad Glass Shipwreck Glass Liberty 503 10mm Collab Electroform Oil Rig


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Rad Glass Shipwreck Glass Liberty 503 10mm Collab Electroform Oil Rig

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This gourmet 10mm electroformed beaker is a fantastic collaboration between Rad Glass at Liberty 503 and Shipwreck Glass. The glass beaker was sand-carved with a cave theme with bats and stalagmites, then Chip Steeler at Shipwreck Glass applied the copper electroforming to the relief in a stark contrast to the dark background he applied.  This leaves several bats on the neck that can be seen in the negative space remaining. The surgical carving and amazing electroform on this piece is amazing. The custom downstem leads to an angled ‘spin’ percolator which causes a swirling whirlpool around the bottom of the beaker. This whirlpool prevents water splash, which can be an issue in small gourmet rigs.  Collabs often bring us some of the best pieces imaginable, and this is the perfect example of that.

This is one of three unique pieces that were made as showcase creations for display at our friends at Glassroots Art Show LLC. We were fortunate to be visiting Liberty 503 when these prestige pieces, bound for the glass show, were on tables being prepared for packaging. These were so amazing we simply had to have them, and our friends at Liberty 503 were kind enough to let us poach these unique collaborations.

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