ROOR Tech Large Fixed Perc Beaker


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ROOR Tech Large Fixed Perc Beaker

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In the middle of the 1990s, German glass artist Martin Birzle dedicated himself to glass pipe production. His intent was to use his skill in glassblowing to create unique works of glass art instead of mass-produced pieces. His philosophy was to have the highest quality, the best functionality, with unique and eye-catching designs.

The success of ROOR has proven his philosophy: the brand is established in numerous premiere galleries and shops worldwide, and the ROOR badge is synonymous with the highest quality glass art. We’re excited to add them to our gallery!

This is a ROOR Tech 18 inch stemless fixed perc beaker. Beautiful Pink and Purple colors bring a fantastic pastel look! Made from 50x5mm German Duran Schott glass. ROOR Tech took the original ROOR 18 inch beaker, removed the stem, and made a fixed bell perc with slits on the bottom for maximum stacking. Ice pinches help you fill the neck with ice, which cools things down! The entire ROOR Tech line comes with a built-in ash catcher, which is a nice touch.

17.8 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and 5.75 inches deep with the bowl included. This comes with ROOR’s 18mm bowl with built in glass screen. The name badge is ROOR Tech Black. A beautiful ROOR Tech bong with colors and function!

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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 5 × 17.5 in

18mm Female