Royal Glass Fumed Sherlock


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Royal Glass Fumed Sherlock

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Royal Glass is a fume specialist from Spokane, WA. This is a fumed Sherlock by Royal with an amazing fumicello marble. There is a crazy amount of fume color and detail on this pipe. The fuming in this batch from Royal looks like brushstrokes in the glass. The shaping is exceptional on this, with the can and bowl being thick and tight. Smaller bowl size here, which means a smaller coal and less of a hot/dry pull. Royal favors a smaller diameter stem now and this is an example here with streaks of color to a chop mouthpiece. Three boro columns, one clear marble, and the amazing fumicello marble on this. Great one handed use on this, it feels perfect in the hand. A large carb makes control of your draw easy.

For measuring I held the Sherlock upright, like you would to not spill the bowl contents. 3.75 inches high, 2.25 inches wide including marble, and 4.4 inches deep. It’s a medium Sherlock that definitely leans to the small side. Exceptional shaping on this and the rainbow of colors looks fantastic! Quality work from Royal Glass!

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