Shipwreck Glass Liberty 503 Electroformed Collab Genie Bottle Rig


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Shipwreck Glass Liberty 503 Electroformed Collab Genie Bottle Rig

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This beaker-shaped concentrate bubbler stands 8 inches tall and is made with beautiful blue velvet tubing with accents of UV reactive Illuminati glass. Light green gems on the shroud, as well as the upper and lower neck, glow under black light, and may be the best example of using this UV reactive glass as an inlay we’ve ever seen. Shipwreck then surgically electroformed  the piece giving it a look similar to a genie’s lamp, and as you’d expect, his work is exceptional here. The expert mixing of the green gem and Illuminati glass is so well done, most cannot tell in natural light that this contains Illuminati at all .  The attention to detail on the shroud is simply stunning. Where many pieces that contain Illuminati glass are only shown at their best under UV light, the masterful work on the green gems makes this piece equally stunning under normal light as well.  One feature of the disc is an opal encased in a pool of clear glass, with a viewing window worked with the Illuminati.

This is one of three unique pieces that were made as showcase creations for display at our friends at Glassroots Art Show LLC. We were fortunate to be visiting Liberty 503 when these prestige pieces, bound for the glass show, were on tables being prepared for packaging. These were so amazing we simply had to have them, and our friends at Liberty were kind enough to let us poach these unique collaborations.

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