Snodgrass Family Glass UV Reactive Shop Collab Fumed Hammer


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Snodgrass Family Glass UV Reactive Shop Collab Fumed Hammer

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There is a documentary called ‘Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes’ that actually covers the history and relevance of Bob Snodgrass and his art. How it was first sold at Grateful Dead shows in the parking lot and helped grow borosilicate glass art. How Bob invented fuming boro with precious metals. It’s a long list of firsts. The Snodgrass family is a family of glass artists who all came up under Bob’s teaching, and they have glass art in their DNA. They live in a compound in Eugene, Oregon where they all blow glass together. Bob’s family creates beautiful glass in the Snodgrass style. We’re excited to have these pieces in our gallery!

This is an amazing piece we’re excited to have in our gallery! This is a Snodgrass Family shop collab where Bob Snodgrass, Ginny Snodgrass, Jonathan Gietl, Brad Tenner, and Oliver Glad were hands on. Everyone in the Snodgrass compound in Eugene was hands on making this one of a kind piece! This amazing fumed hammer has a can swirling with layers of Deadhead skulls that are worked with UV reactive Illuminati by Ginny. The UV enhanced Deadheads pop under UV light and it’s sweet. The mouthpiece is made by Jonathan and it’s heavily enhanced with UV reactive Lucy so it pops red/hot pink under UV light. Jonathan also did the bowl and the dot box on the stem. Brad Tanner made the middle section of the stem and the fumed Deadhead skull marble on the can. Oliver Glad made an amazing honeycomb mille and the other green ‘eye’ mille on the can. Bob Snodgrass made the sculpted Deadhead skull face marble that sits on the top face of the can. Brad assembled this amazing Hammer and it’s really tight. When you hit this one with a UV light it’s fantastic with the Illuminati popping green in the Deadheads and the Lucy popping red in the mouthpiece(I will get UV photos up soon). Amazing array of techniques, colors, UV reacting accents, marbles and milles. This amazing piece will be the star of any collection! You cannot get a more complete Snodgrass piece of art than this, everyone was hands on. The marbles and milles on the can always make for easier handling and this feels nice in the hand. The fuming swirls and layered work throughout this piece is really nice I have no doubt the color change will be beautiful and reveal hidden details. At 6.75 inches long, 2.25 inches wide and 2.5 inches in height this is a fairly standard sized hammer. A unique and interesting pipe in any light! Beautiful work from the entire Snodgrass Family and glassblowing clan!

As always there are so many details a piece like this it’s hard to cover them all. If you are lucky enough to add this to your collection and you have any questions about your Snoddy, feel free to reach out to @SnodgrassGlass_Official on Instagram. We all thank Bob for our Snoddy!

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