Special K Blue Large Fancy Dichro Wrap Bong


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Special K Blue Large Fancy Dichro Wrap Bong

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This is Special K’s premiere piece – the fancy large bong. More attention to detail, thicker sculpted wraps, larger bases, and possibly most importantly they are glazed in a coat of clear glass that makes the colors and depth of the piece pop. This is a beautiful speckled blue pull with a dichro wrap that shimmers with purple and blue. The base is made of a new color-shifting glass Special K is using. It’s yellow/green in daylight but color shifts red under UV light, it’s really cool in a dark room. There is a little bit of UV reactive uranium glass in the pull too. The thick wrap has gorgeous purple and blue sparkling tones in the dichro which sets the piece off and looks amazing in sunlight! The sculpted pedestal base in the new CFL glass looks fantastic! Great function out of a slotted stem. These large fancy bongs are some of the most beautiful pieces we’ve seen from Kris. More fantastic soft glass work from Special K and crew!

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Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 17 in

14mm Female