Special K Purple Hand Blown Jar


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Special K Purple Hand Blown Jar

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Hand Blown Jars (From Special K) – A favorite of mine to make, these jars are a much cherished item in many collections. Very stout and durable and magnificently designed with a plethora of shapes and colors.  As airtight as a natural cork stopper will allow. You might find yourself getting one for every room in your home, or even several for various purposes  in the kitchen.  It’s easy to find one you love with all the greatest attributes of this unique medium presented in such a simple piece. Glass blowing is a very fast paced process, you have to be able to respond quickly. One must develop a relationship with the glass, willing it to do your bidding. When executing a team approach, the moves must be choreographed with the highest level of precision  and timing. No process pushes us  to deliver on these demands than our jar pieces.  Marrying form and function these pieces are incredibly unique and the quintessential center piece for your collection or coffee table.

This is a purple jar with beautiful swirls of color, the cork comes with the piece. These are beautiful and the handcrafted nature of each one is apparent at a glance. Beautiful soft glass work from Special K and crew!

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Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in