Special K Small Dichroic Handle Wrap Bong


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Special K Small Dichroic Handle Wrap Bong

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Cookie Wrap Bongs – With my cookie wrap line of bongs, old-school artistry abounds. The natural world serves as a source of inspiration. Form and colors surround us and it inevitably finds its way into this work. The cookie refers to the foot on the bottom of the bottle and the wrap stretches up the neck of the bong. Multiple hand moves refined over 17 yrs applied to these colored glass granules create individual flare. Whether from land, sea, or air the decorations created from the glass granules, and inspired by the natural world, create my most artistic water pipes.

Dichroic Glass – Dichroic glass is a beautiful combination of science and art. Metal plasma is vaporized and then condensed on the glass sheets with multiple layers. The transmitted color is different from its reflective color. Furthermore, these two colors shift with the angle of view. The play of light, together with vibrant colors, creates a gemstone quality effect. With our use of clear glass and marbling techniques, we enhance its greatest qualities.


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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 5 × 11.5 in

14mm Female