Stan Alba Fumed Hammer


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Stan Alba Fumed Hammer

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Stan Alba was in Seattle for a Grateful Dead show in 1994. He happened to see a flyer that had been posted announcing a glassblowing show by Bob Snodgrass and his apprentices. Stan met Bob and Marie at that show and they hit it off. Bob and Marie invited Stan back to their campground where they would blow glass that night after the glass show. To quote Stan – “That night changed my life forever watching those guys blow glass and meeting Bob!”

It took around a year for Stan to move down to Eugene, but move there he did. He started his apprenticeship with Bob in September of 1995. Stan says “Working with Bob and his apprentices was life-changing for me.” He continued working with Bob and building borosilicate glass in Eugene for a couple of years. Then Stan, Cam Tower, Brian Padilla, and Yvonne Padilla set up a small studio themselves in 1997. Stan credits the smaller studio with the four of them working closely together as helping him dial in approach to glass. They all still worked with Bob at the Snodgrass compound during this time as well.

It was a historic time in glass art. Stan was there, and has been in on too many firsts in glass art to list. Now blowing glass for 27 years, Stan is a nationally known glass artist in his own right. Stan continues to think of Bob every time he gets on the torch – “After 27 years of working with glass I am still in love with the process and the work I am making.” We’re excited to finally add Stan’s work to our gallery!

“The Snodgrass family has been a huge part of my life and I could never thank them enough. Every time I sit down at the torch I give thanks to Bob and the family for everything they have taught me.” – Stan Alba

This is a pure fume hammer by Stan Alba. An array of fumtech approaches with honeycomb, implosion, and chaos fume showing up in various places. The implosion can has a great symmetry to it. The inside out mouthpiece has a fantastic transition to the chaos of the stem. Amazing work by the OG Stan Alba!

6.6 inches long, 2.3 inches tall, and 1.5 inches wide with carb. This is a medium hammer. The 7mm hole will easily take a jack. Amazing glass by a legend of the industry, Stan Alba.

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