Subliminal Glass Faceted Disc Perc Bubbler


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Subliminal Glass Faceted Disc Perc Bubbler

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We’re excited to add top quality production pieces by Subliminal Glass to our gallery! Subliminal is known for high end glass sculpted pieces, and they’ve started a high quality production glass line. Every detail about these pieces is all about about quality: they use Simax glass for their tubing, considered the best boro rods by one of the oldest borosilicate glass makers. American colors are used in their bongs, like Green Stardust in this case to add color to the surgically faceted mouthpiece, this gridded disc perc, base, and the custom flower bowl.  The joints are a little beefier on these pieces and all the lines are clean and tight, the faceting on the mouthpiece is so precise. This 14mm stem goes into a gridded disc perc and really stacks bubbles making this a versatile bubbler that’s great for flower or concentrate.  The custom Green Stardust flower bowl is included. This piece is 7 inches tall at the joint, 9 inches tall with the flower bowl in, and it’s hard to beat the quality and function. Made in the PNW, right here in WA state.

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Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 4 × 7 in