Subliminal Glass Medium Double Straight Glycerin Coil Beaker Bong


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Subliminal Glass Medium Double Straight Glycerin Coil Beaker Bong

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We’re excited to add top quality production pieces by Subliminal Glass to our gallery! Subliminal is known for high end glass sculpted pieces, and they’ve started a high quality production glass line. Every detail about these pieces is all about about quality: they use Simax glass for their tubing, considered the best boro rods by one of the oldest borosilicate glass makers. American colors are used in their bongs, like Blue Stardust in this case which looks fantastic. The joints are a little beefier on these pieces, the lines are so clean, the grinds are surgical – attention to detail everywhere. There’s so much function on this piece it’s hard to choose where to start – the ashcatcher is a custom with a disc perc that shreds. It also has an integrated splash stop so you can’t pull your ashcatcher water through on a rip and change the water levels, and a removable cleaning port which makes keeping things clean a lot easier in a high function ashcatcher like this. You leave the ashcatcher and go in to a massive pyramid perc with an 18mm stem that will function like mad. After all that shredding and stacking you enter the dual Allihn straight condenser glycerin coil top – you place this in the freezer and it cools down to literally freezing, then you can cool down your draw to ice cold without the hassle of ice, or dumping water to keep levels right, etc. The Allihn condenser comes from scientific laboratory glass and it simply maximizes surface area exposure of gases in the tube – which accentuates the cooling in the coil. The glycerin in the coil will remain cold for hours, and it’s a very smooth draw throughout that time. Patrick makes these by putting the glycerin in a vacuum, which makes it more tolerant to temp changes for cleaning or use – so it’s important you do not remove the cap sealing your glycerin coil! The dual Allihn straight condensers are also Blue Stardust. Subliminal custom 3D prints their joint clips for their pieces in matching colors, and they are held together by rare-Earth magnets. It adds a little confidence when handling the piece.  The 14mm custom Blue Stardust flower bowl is included with the ashcatcher, and a custom 18mm Blue Stardust flower bowl also comes with it in case you want to skip using the ashcatcher. At 19 inches this is the medium coil bong, but it’s still a large size at 19 inches in height and around 7.5 inches width and depth with the ashcatcher in as pictured. Such insane function in a beast of a bong! Made in the PNW, right here in WA state.

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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 19 in

18mm Female on piece, 14mm Female on ashcatcher