Tastebud Glass Japanese Tattoo Bong


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Tastebud Glass Japanese Tattoo Bong

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This stunning piece is the Japanese Tattoo bong by The Tastebud Glass. This is completely hand blown, no lathe. Exceptional in every way, starting with the cobalt blue glass which is rare on a bong, to the deep carve viewing window that is highlighted with Yellow Slyme at each incalmo – this is included at the incalmo on the custom flower bowl. The surgical sand carving floats the silver fumed motif over the cobalt blue, and as you can see in the photos it looks fantastic. Notice the attention to detail all over the piece, all the carving is so intricate and clean. The level of detail in the Japanese tattoo motif is stunning, so clean with careful attention to authenticity and detail. This bong comes with two 14mm female downstems. One straight traditional stem, and another stem that is closed off to 4 hole percs so you have your choice of how it draws – free and fast from a straight stem, or a tad of resistance on the pull with some added percolation from the closed stem. A unique and amazing piece that will be a highlight of any collection.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 4 × 7 in

14mm female joints on both downstems


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