Tyler Massoth Fumed Bubble Trap Squatlock


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Tyler Massoth Fumed Bubble Trap Squatlock

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Tyler Massoth, or Mooseandfire Glass, got his start in glass art from his father. In 1999, at 6 years of age, Tyler started helping his dad make blown Christmas ornaments. This went on for years and he learned a lot from this informal training. Around 13 or 14 Tyler developed an interest in color changing glass and started trying to learn pipemaking. He did his own self education on fuming with precious metals, and started making crude attempts. Over the next 10 years Tyler refined and developed his own fuming and shaping style as he had no mentors to teach him. This made his development a slow process, but that is also the reason his fuming and shaping has a rather unique look – his styles were developed on his own. Tyler now has a signature heady look to his work that is striking at a glance.

This is our first piece from Tyler Massoth and it’s amazing! A fumed Squatlock with bubble trap all over. Marbles and horns galore really set this piece off with a variety of color and fuming. Three subtly colored horns adorn the left side. Three different fumicello marbles are down the right side. It adds a balance both to the look and the feel, making this a bottom heavy piece that is quite stable. The symmetrical dot box fuming on the base is highlighted by bubble trap work separating each box. It looks fantastic. The deep blue of the base overpowers the fuming from certain angles and it shimmers deep blue in the sunlight. There’s bubble work all over the bowl, too. A fumicello marble at the base of the fiery red stem faces you. A smaller marble is tucked at the base between the larger marble and horn. There’s a nice honeycomb to that small marble. So many cool details on an insane dry piece!

The large carb provides easy control over your pull. At 5 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and 3.5 inches deep, this is not a large piece. It leans to the small side in fact. In my left hand my fingers naturally fall on the marbles and this places my thumb right on the carb for easy fit. It’s an easy one-hander, and feels round in your palm with the horns and marbles. This piece is signed “Moose” and dated in Ti pen. Fantastic work from Tyler Massoth!

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Dimensions 3.5 × 3 × 5 in