Witz Glass Fumed Flower Rose Spoon


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Witz Glass Fumed Flower Rose Spoon

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Fumed pieces – I have always loved how pinks and greens, and purples change color when a black background is added.When I add gold and silver fume to a piece, I then encase the fume with clear glass, suspending the fume in the glass. I prefer thicker inside arted glass which gives an opportunity to give more depth to the art on my pieces. After you enjoy smoking out of one of my pieces the colors will start to change in the piece. The more you enjoy the more the colors change.


Flower Spoons – These spoons are simpler than my tornadoes or my cane spoons, but the flower that develops on the face has always made them one of my favorite.  A great daily user that is still uniquely your own.

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Dimensions 4.5 × 2 × 2 in